New call for businesses and building owners

Before and After with artwork by William Clack

After 3 years of presenting Durham Storefront Project as a seasonal series, we’ve decided to switch it up, be more spontaneous, and expand outside of downtown. We’re looking for businesses and building owners to register their available space. All that means is if
you have a space that could feature an installation by an area artists, we’d like to hear about it. Once you’ve given us a few details, we’ll be in touch to confirm and answer any questions you might have.

before and after_TamaraBagnell

Before and after with artwork by Tamara Bagnell

If you’re interested you can fill out this google form, and one of our organizers will be in touch to confirm details. And while our name is Durham STOREFRONT Project, we are open to working in other spaces. If you’d like to include artists in what you do, we’d like to help! You’re not only supporting artists with this project, you’re helping change the character of your building and the experience of anyone who walks past your windows.

Artists, check back soon for more information on how to participate.

Questions or prefer a person rather than a form? Email us at [email protected].

Spring 2014


Sarah Spencer White at Land Loss Prevention Project, 401 N Mangum St., Durham, NC

With so many changes in Durham, especially in downtown and the surrounding neighborhoods, we decided to ask four artists to consider how we construct ourselves and our environments and the relationship between the two. We think you’ll like the results. Installations are going up in late March and will be on view until the end of May.
Saturday, April 12 at 1:30pm take a tour with us starting from the Carrack, 111 W Parrish St.
Saba Barnard, Mother Durham located at Center Studio Architecture, 107 E Chapel Hill St
Sarah Spencer WhiteThe Burden of Carrying located at Land Loss Prevention Project,
401 N Mangum St
William Paul Thomas, TEEF: Good for the Soul located at The Makery at Mercury Studio, 401 W Geer St
Amanda Small, When I was not (t)Here I was (T)here… located at the Holland Brothers Building (also known as Bargain Furniture),
309 E Chapel Hill St

Map of locations available on google maps